Blue Ribbon © 2004 David Fischel

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"Blue Ribbon" © 2004 David Fischel
Graphic Relief In Wood

Carved Ponderosa Pine, Acrylic and Oil Paints
Copper and Gold Leaf
4 feet by 8 feet
Currently displayed at Enchantment Resort in Arizona
This storyboard represents the visual story
of the love affair of species...a river of life.
The corridor of the river is like
a seam between two worlds.
The blue portrays water and sky.
A floating dream of figures
represent balance and harmony.
Desert landscapes produce enchanting flowers
that call to the nectar seekers.
A lucky shooting star, falling to earth,
was inlaid into the original carving
and is actually a meteorite
that fell in China in the year 1516.
Fischel Studios
Telephone: (928) 282-2356
Hand-embellished digital print of
"Blue Ribbon" includes genuine meteorite.