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The Art of Recycling Show

A few of David's most recent work will be on display and for sale at The Art of Recycling Show at the Sedona Art Center from January 1st, 2016 to January 30th, 2016.

"Cat Toy" (3 x 12 x 31)

We have had a few dogs and cats in our family over the years. We adopted Lucy (a Siamese cat) when she was six years old and is now 10. Lucy has never been outside and is our first indoor cat. She says "it's a wild world out there" and she is a very sweet, happy and playful soul. Feeling guilty at first, we got Lucy scratching boards (post) and lots of toys, and pretend mice. She catches a real mouse occasionally to remind us, that cats are wild at heart!

Minimal bid: $750

(Retail: $2,200)

"Home Sweet Home" (4 x 24 x 52)

In these fragile, uncertain times of foreclosed homes, natural disasters, and ever changing environment, let us hope that humans can see how these events also disrupt the homes of our furry and feathered friends.

Minimal bid: $3,500

(Retail: $10,500)